Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Demise Of Lady Diana (Princess Of Wales)

The sky and horizon did fade,
Into hues of crimson shades,
As the Lady - destiny made,
Swarmed towards her fate. [1]

The crimson turned to ember,
That night of human blunder,
And darkness did so plunder,
That new day seemed to slumber. [2]

The Lady of compassion and faith,
Sweet, adorable, humanely bathed,
The Lady whom none could hate,
Is crushed for her privacy’s sake. [3]

These wee hours seem so infinite,
As darkness embraces all light,
That the whole earth encircled be,
In this gloomy, untimely tragedy. [4]

Darkness enfolds this calamity,
Shocking, with grief unceasingly,
In this dark hour her loss be,
Not for people, country but humanity. [5]

She rode the crescent of sagacity,
With warmth, concern and empathy,
Understanding with honour and pity,
Affectionate with love and mercy. [6]

Removing the thorns of humanity,
Its happiness was her sincerity,
The Lord bathed her in humility,
With kindness, love and sympathy. [7]

This Lady - more than royalty,
Was the hope of the needy,
This Lady -trust of the trustees,
Was the friend of humanity. [8]

The spark, the luster and shine,
The throbbing blood of life divine,
This Kohinoor of the whole mankind,
Is crushed in the eternity of time. [9]
[31 August 1997]
- © Munindra Misra All Rights Reserved source Poemhunter

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